12 Thu 2021
Tips to maintain your printing machines effectively

Printing machine is indispensable equipment in any modern office set-up. But like most of the printers in Liverpool and printing company in Liverpool, you must have also experienced that your printer breaks down frequently, causing you extra cost and hazard? Not to worry. Here are some useful tips for you. Following those, printers in Liverpool and printing company in Liverpool have improved the durability and usability of their printing machines remarkably.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

Like any other machine, your printer also needs regular cleaning and maintenance. But that does not mean you have to seek help from a service technician regularly. While cleaning the printer just keep in mind
i) Never touch the copier glass with bare hand.
ii) Follow instruction manual supplied with the printing machine in choosing the right cleaning material.

Start with checking the printer head nozzles if they are damaged. For best results, do this everyday. If all the nozzles are not working, then it is the time to clean the print head. Clean the head with lukewarm water and permitted cleaning agent and let it completely dry before you fix it again. Clean inside as well. For that it is best to use soft cloths. You can also clean with vacuum cleaners but only use that much pressure that is necessary to wipe the dust out.

Always keep eye on the indicator lights to know if any part is broken inside. In case the lights blink, do not hesitate to replace the broken parts. Never compromise on quality and buy replacement parts that suit the model of your printing machine. This is a small investment to realise in the long-run.

2. Maintaining the proper environment

In order to maintain the consistency of the ink solution, you must control the temperature and humidity around the printer. Cold makes the ink flow thicker and heat makes it thinner than needed. Controlling the optimal temperature and humidity, as prescribed in the user manual, is important for printer’s health.

3. Keeping the printer active

Not using a printer for long may cause the ink to dry up and chock the printer head. That is the reason why printers in Liverpool and printing company in Liverpool print at least 1 to 2 pages every 10 to 15 days to keep the ink running, even if the shops are closed.

4. Using quality products

The simple rule is: if you need your printer to do quality printing, you have to use good quality paper and ink.